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Malvina "Vinie" McConathy

Joseph J. McConathyMary Elizabeth White

July 12, 1857November 26, 1941
Lincoln Parish, LaRuston, La.


William David Shepherd
Married: September 11, 1879

Effie Maude ShepherdJoe ShepherdHarvey R. ShepherdGeneva Shepherd
Olla Birter ShepherdMittie S. ShepherdMattie ShepherdIra Roger Shepherd
Walter Ray Shepherd

John Henry McConathyAndrew Jefferson Davis "Jeff" McConathyLaura McConathyJoseph Daniel McConathy
Samuel G. McConathyMary Isabel McConathyMartha McConathyObediah "Obe" McConathy
Rosatha "Rosa" McConathyNancy Elizabeth McConathy

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