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William Oscar McConathy

William Bowden McConathySarah Catherine Booth

August 4, 1892April 16, 1974
Blum, Hill Co, TexasWhitney, Hill Co, Texas


Serena Allie Offutt
Married: Unknown Date

Allie Maxine McConathyPaul Hershel McConathyOscar Boyce McConathyWilliam Burl McConathy
Arvel Josh McConathyKatherine Earline McConathyHazel Inita McConathyLonnie Offutt McConathy
James Guy McConathyDenton Douglas McConathyFrancis Deryl McConathyRay McConathy

Clara Bell McConathyCharles Benjamin McConathyMaud Gertrude McConathyNora M. McConathy
John Thomas McConathy

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